Follow me to the exhibition in National Gallery of Victoria (维州墨尔本美术馆的文化展览)

Posted by 土猪 on March 17, 2020


From 15, Dec, 2017 to 15, April, 2018, it is free to visit the culture exhibition in National Gallery of Victoria. The exhibition covers items and masterpieces from different countries, such as China, Japan, France, Greece, Rome. It not only have my familiar Asian cultures, such as Chinese handwriting, Japan tea and bamboo, Indian Budda statues, but also shows many portraits decribing some famous western stories I loved from my childhood, such as the beauty Helen in Troy war, the ten commandments in the old testimony in Bible, the Odysseus and siren, the Waterloo War between France and Britain. It would take at least three days to go through all the displayed items.

从去年的12月15日到今年4月15日,维多利亚墨尔本美术馆免费展览。 展出作品和项目来自世界各国,包括中国,日本,法国,希腊,罗马。 他不仅有我熟悉的亚洲文化,如中国书法,日本茶道和竹,印度佛像,还有很多我从小就感兴趣的欧洲文化,比如圣经旧约中的摩西十诫,荷马史诗中的奥德赛斯和女妖的故事,滑铁卢战役。我觉得至少需要三天才能把所有展出都看完。

Weeks ago, I have visited the ground floor with my family, however, I did not aware there are showings in the first floor and maybe second floor. To be honest, the items in the ground floor don’t attract me too much. I would only show a photo taken at the entrance hall of the gallery, which is a sleeping Buddha with many heros’ sculptures from western mythology on the Buddha’s body. This symbolizes the combination of Eastern and western cultures.

几周之前,我已经和家人参观了一楼的作品,但是我当时没意识到二楼甚至三楼还有展出。说实在的,一楼展出对我没啥吸引力。我就打算放一张一楼的照片。 那是在一开始进去的时候,一尊卧佛上面爬满了各种希腊罗马的斗士和神仙。这象征着中西方文化的融合。


This time, I visited the gallery on Easter Friday and went straight to the first floor. I would pick up some of them to illustrate since there are too many.


Near the entrance of the first floor there are exhibition on Indian cultures. There are many Buddha statues. The Buddhism originated from India, then was spreaded to China by the famous Tang Monk, as we often see in the “Journey to the West”. The monkey king is an imaginary figure,while the Tang Monk he protected was a real figure in Tang dynasty in Chinese history. Then the Buddhism was transferred to Japan and Thailand from China and India.



This is the famous Bodhisattva with thousand hands. image image

This is my favorite Bodhisattva in a relaxing position. Her face is so merciful and her posture is so elegant that it is so appealing to me.



There are other monks who spread the Buddhism to China, such as Da Mo who is believed to found Shao Lin Temple, the originate of Chinese Kung Fu. It is said that he travel across a huge river by standing on a single bamboo rod.


image image

After the Indian studio, it is the Japan culture. Personally I enjoy the tea ceremony in Japan, the whole process is filled with dedication.



This long roll depicts an annual festival in ancient Japan, it looks like the warrior spirit was quite popular at that time.


image image

Then it came to my rationality culture, Chinese culture. I would introduce this Tang Sancai or three colored earthenware.


image image image image image image

Chinese handwriting is not only a message delivery, but also an art to express an artistic conception.



I was shocked when coming across these cooking vessels ( Ding ) while they seem like from Shang dynasty, which was thousands of years ago. How could these stuffs be here.

当我看到这里居然有商周的鼎的时候,着实吓了一跳,这可是几千年前商周的,不是上周的,怎么会在这里的。 image

Ancient Chinese artist liked draw or paint pictures about mountains and rivers, which is so different from European artists, who loved portrait about human being’ bodies, man’s muscles and woman’s curvaceous, soft figure.

中国古代画家喜欢画山水画,这点和西方画家截然不同,他们喜欢表法人体,男性强健的肌肉和女性柔美的线条。 image

When it came to ancient Europeans, there are so many paintings on my favorite stories such as Ten Commandments, the beauty Helen, the Ulysses and siren s, the Waterloo war.


There used to be a movie about the ten Commandments, which is one of my favorite movie. “The ten Commandments” is an covenant between the God and human. This is the foundation of western society’s spirit that everything is based on people’ agreements.

曾经看过一部摩西十诫的电影,这是我最喜欢的电影之一。十诫是上帝和人类订的契约。圣经是西方精神的发源地。摩西十诫代表了西方社会曾经非常好的契约精神。 image

There is a famous saying in China, “beauty is a curse”. Likewise, in Western culture, people like to attribute the cause of a war to a beautiful woman, such as the war of Troy, in which the author addressed the originate of the battle to the beauty Helen.

在中国有句俗话,叫做“红颜祸水”。 无独有偶,西方文化也是如此,人们常喜欢把战争原因归咎于一个美女,比如特洛伊战争。荷马史诗的作者把原因归到美女海伦身上。 image image

Another story is about Ulysses and sirens, which is associated with the Troy War. Ulysses is one of the kings in Greece united regiment who attacked Troy. On the way back, he and his crews would pass a strait. It was said there were Sirens whose euphoric songs would enchant sailors so that they would either jump into river and drown themselves, or drive into shipwreck. Ulysses asked his men to block their ears and tie him in a mast because he was curious. He eventually survived from the Sirens’ singing.

另外一个故事也跟特洛伊战争相关的,是关于英雄奥德赛斯和女妖。奥德赛斯是攻击特洛伊城的希腊联军中一个国王。在回国的大海上,他们会经过一片海峡,那里有女妖赛伦,她们歌声动人,谁听了后就会着魔,不是驱船🚢撞礁石就是水手自己跳海而亡。 奥德赛斯让水手们用蜡捂住耳朵不要听,然后让他们把自己捆在桅杆上,因为他很好奇歌声到底多动听。当然最终他们还是度过了这篇大海。


This is the battle between 28th regiment and French army in Quatre Bras. , just two days before the decisive battle of Waterloo. This painting was voted the most popular picture in the gallery in 1906.

这张图描述的是第28军团和法国军队在Quatre Bras 发生的战斗,这场战斗就发生在著名的滑铁卢战役的两天前。在1906年,这幅画在墨尔本美术馆被投票选举为最受欢迎的图画。


In medieval era of Renaissance, a lot of artworks are about Christian. All of the stories can be found in the new testimony of Bible, from the birth of the Jesus Christ to his being crossified and revival.


image image image image image

This is an episode in the new testimony that the Satan tried to lure Jesus to jump into the cliff to test the existance of the God and was refused by the Christ.

这张画就是新约里魔鬼👹撒旦引诱耶稣跳崖去试探天父的存在,这实际就是测试上帝了,实在是大不敬,所以被耶稣拒绝了。 image

At the end of this post, I would like to paste some other photos I took on classical beauties.

最后,我贴几张展馆里古典美女图供大家分享。 image image image