Posted by 土猪 on October 20, 2018

Recently I was told by local council that the spa and the attached deck in my backyard are illegal since there is no barrier around the spa and there is no building permit for the deck according to council’s record. This shocked me because both of them were not built by me, the spa was installed by ex-owner of the property while the deck was built by unknown previous owner. However, I should take the full responsibility of these ‘illegal work’.


At first, I suspect there is no such regulation for barrier around spa when the spa was built, this proved to be wrong. So the spa is definitely illegal. Then I suspect the deck was built with permit but the council lost it. I remember I called local council 2 years ago for the architecture plan and engineer plan but they said it was too long time ago they cannot guarantee they still have the full document. The property was built around 1970, so it spanned a big gap from now. However, now the council insisted I should either remove the deck or certify it since they cannot see any record of building permit. I suspect they lost the document and if so they breached the law since according to Section 30 and 31 of the Building Act 1993, it is council’s legal responsibility to keep all documents. I don’t have solid evidence saying it is their fault, if I take legal suits, I would pay much more to lawyer. As such, I have to compromise to remove the deck.


This situation should be preventable with the assistant of blockchain technology. If we can put those documents to a distributed database system, it won’t get lost. Moving further along the way, if each landlord is enforced to put photos of the property to the blockchain, while councils are enforced to upload all relevant building permit of the property to the blockchain, so that the subsequent home owners can have a clear visibility of the transaction history, the building permit, and how the evolution of the building works of the property. With all these record in the blockchain, we can trace back the responsibility to the right owner. Current law in Australia just imposes the responsibility to the present property owner, which is unfair.

如果用区块链技术,这种情况可以完全避免。如果你把这些文件放到一个分布的数据库中,它们绝对不会丢失。 进一步说,如果每个屋主被法律强制把卖方时候的广告图片都放到区块链里去,区政府被规定必须把房屋的相关建筑证书和计划书材料放到区块链上,这样,以后的屋主就对这个房屋的整个交易历史,建筑计划有一个清晰的认识。因为所有房屋的记录都在区块链里,那么以后我们就可以对前屋主进行追责。但是很不幸,当前澳洲法律规定所有责任由当前屋主承担,这显然很不公平。

Steem might be a good place to put all these information. The system should work in this way:

  1. when there is a building permit application, councils are enforced to save the issued permit to the steem blockchain with a public key issued by landlord.

  2. after a landlord sold the property, it is required to place all the relevant advertisement photos of the property, the purchase contract ( including the contact information of the seller and buyer ) to the steem blockchain with the public key;

  3. there is a private key protected by password which can be accessible by a steem wallet. The private key is handed over by one property owner to another. Since it is protected by a password and unreadable, it is safe to hold and won’t be accessible by ex-owner. This steem wallet is enforced to be handed from seller to the buyer. Once the purchaser of the property changed the password, he or she has the unique access to this private key. Public key is derived from this private key so that the property owners can use this private key to decrypt all documents relevant to the property they possessed.

  4. there are no motivations for any other people to hack the private key to get access to specific property information so that we can take this as a safe system. A hacker cannot benefit from the information, neither can they destroy the system with the private key.


  1. 当一个房子有建筑申请的时候,区政府应该把所有建筑申请,证书,规划保存到steem的区块链里去,用屋主给的公钥进行加密;
  2. 当屋主卖掉房子的时候,法律强制他们必须把当时打广告的房屋图片,和购买方签订的合约(包括买房和卖方屋主的联系方法)用公钥加密后保存到steem区块链上去;
  3. 每任屋主有一个访问这些文件的私钥,这个私钥被steem 钱包用密码保护着。在房屋交接的时候,这个钱包必须由前一个房主传给后一个屋主。由于现屋主拿到钱包后,可以马上更改密码,所以前屋主就没办法使用这个私钥了。公钥由这个私钥导出。这样,现屋主可以用这个私钥看到所有这个房屋的资料;
  4. 对于黑客们来说,他们没有任何去攻击这个系统的动机,因为破解私钥,除了能看到房屋的历史资料以外,对他们没有任何好处。他们也不能用这个私钥去对房屋资料进行什么更改,所以我们不用担心这个系统的安全性。